Trade-In for a New Model


Like people, most brands want a long-term partner they can grow and succeed with. And like people, brands will face challenges in their agency relationships. 

This client-agency relationship by no means equates to the majesty of ‘human love’, but in business these basic rules apply. Things change. Needs of the client change. Yet agencies don’t always change according to those needs. 

At the risk of advocating subservience in modern relationships, let’s gingerly back away from the ‘human love’ analogy and more into the ‘marketing and communications’ arena.

In recent years there have been murmurings about the communications industry facing the most extreme change since TV advertising out-shone radio. Social media, online, digital = THE (not-so) NEW ERA! 

Is telly dead? 

Have we finally killed adverts? 

Will we physically start consuming our telephonic instruments like frenzied data-addicts? 

Things certainly have changed and the creative industry is coming under closer scrutiny. Marketing budgets squeezed, and rightly so.

The problem is, most ad agencies like things the way they were, they’re used to a certain process and fee. The structure is brittle and uncompromising. So in some cases, client dumps their agency for lots of younger, cooler agencies with different bells on. But after a while, juggling all these relationships is just a drag. 

Pfff… Advertising used to be fun.

Time to trade in for a new model. Introducing Wolfpie.  

We build bespoke teams around the creative brief and the budget. Instead of clients paying us to meander through endless emails, meetings, emails and meetings… we tap into the best talent, delivering time-and-cost-efficient solutions.

The Wolfpie teams are made up of those who enjoy collaborating with clients. Those who want to make the best work for brands. They don’t waste their time and they certainly don’t waste their clients’ time. Strategic and creative freelancers experienced enough in agencies to know the system is broken.

In connecting clients with the best talent and streamlining the management process, Wolfpie offer a more efficient and dynamic approach to advertising and communications.

We do the work without the fat.