The Power of Quitting


The power of quitting. It's a powerful action and feeling. Not to be under-estimated or over-estimated. Each woman you see above is a fresh founder, bravely riding the wake of indpendence. Energised, exhausted, thrilled and scared. Each giving a direct and humble perspective on being their own boss.

And all before 9am on a Tuesday!

(From right to left...)

Naomi Oluleye, the curator and hostess of this panel and many more. She recognised the shift in the PR industry so quit that world to build her own. An razor-sharp inspiration and leader, she's dragging PR out of the 'not-so-Ab-Fab' dark ages.

Vicky Simmons, creative genuis and founder of Mean Mail . She struggled to find Valentine's cards that didn't make you want to hurl, so she created these cute-and-dry gift cards. (MEGA-FAN!)


Wolfpie's founder, Lara Chapple - if you're reading this on the Wolfpie site you probably know enough about her.

Kate Hamilton and Emily Ames, killer founders of Sonder & Tell are championing the new way people and brands tell their stories. Editorial pioneers, they helped build Suitcase magazine to the icon it is now, no doubt their new venture's sense of purpose and intrigue will be another game-changer.

Different stories with the same fuel; purpose. Yes, 'disruption' is a buzzword right now, but these panelists are not challenging things for the sake of it. They're striving for a better working and living environment. Creating and communicating with confidence and flexibility. 

Thank you to Naomi and to the early bird audience. For more progressive discussions check out Naomi's upcoming events here.