Spread the Love, Not the Bugs


Sexually. Transmitted. Infections.

Bet you winced a bit, maybe crossed your legs? Fair enough, they're not to be desired. But this doesn't mean we should ignore them. Ignorance breeds stigma, and in the case of STIs, stigma breeds infection.

In recent years society has worked towards alleviating shame associated with intercourse and sexuality. Celebrating Pride, encouraging self-love and third-wave feminism has drop-kicked taboos and started our healthier relationship with sex.

Yet we're still cagey about sexual health, herein lies the problem. Last year there were 420,000 diagnoses of STIs in England and with new threads of infection emerging, now is the time to change the conversation around sexual health.

The 'Health and Wellbeing' cultural trend has done wonders in raising awareness for mental health, stronger bodies, menstrual woes, hemp smoothies and so on. But we still keep the health and wellbeing of our privates private. 

Humans have and always will share bacteria, we spread flu and STIs alike. Unpleasant but true. It appears that there's no shame in catching flu, we know this because even at the mercy of a cold we openly broadcast it. But you don't often hear people complaining about their 'nasty case of The Clap'. The reason we continue to spread STIs is because many of us are too embarassed to get checked regularly or be honest with sexual partners, past or present. 

Lecture over, on to what we hope will be the start of a solution.

We believe education and open dialogue will eventually obliterate the sexual health stigma. So we are raising money for the leading UK Sexual Health Charity, FPA. We're creating a beautiful hardback book and all profits go to charity. 'Colourful Cocks & Quims' showcases illustrated genitalia nicknames, depictions of 'Oysters' and 'Womb Ferets' are just the tip of the iceberg. There will also be historical facts about some of these artworks, 'The Prince Albert' for one. Plus there will be truths and tips on staying healthy down-under. 

The initiative has just gone live on Crowdfunder, so if you want this book and extra-merch like 'vagina' wrapping paper or an expressive calendar, don't be shy...


Spread the love, not the bugs!