'Polyphony is the interweaving flow of musical voices that are at times contradictory, yet are always harmoniously resolved. A melody found in the very construct of people.'

Last week saw the final days of Maria Kreyn's 'secret' Polyphony exhibition that took place in the old church on Charing Cross Road. Heist gallery put on a fantastical display, the eerily beautiful surroundings complimented Kreyn's rare talent; a blend of old-and-new world oil mastery that was captured by Beyond Exact's bold design and curation.

In addition to the guerrilla marketing campaign (outdoor/digital), surrounding media such as books, maps and invitations were expertly designed to celebrate the exhibition. The devil's certainly in the detail, take a look at how the VIP Launch Party invitations reflect the event itself with precision and laser-cut perspex.

Always an honour to work with the most prestigious creative talent that truly surpasses the usual advertising pool. A gifted artist must have an equally gifted creative partner, both masters of their trade. A challenging brief with a mesmerising result, you can expect nothing less from such a collaboration!

If you didn't catch the show, there will be more from Heist later in the summer.