It's About Time


Adweek's words... but also ours.

2018 could be the year that agencies prioritise their clients' needs and not their annual blast at Cannes... right?

This is not biased, it's true. But like all truth their are shades of grey. Despite the convoluted process of most traditional agencies, some beautiful and effective work is surfacing from the exceptions... THANK YOU W+K you've done Nike and London proud! But overall ad agency process, structure, culture and leadership are out-dated and inappropriate for the evolving brands of today.

There's hope! Look at some of the collaborative individuals and collectives that are really listening, really working on behalf of their clients. At Wolfpie, we are hell-bent on getting these megastars around a brief to execute the hell out of it. Clients can now have all the talent without the hot air. 

[Silas Amos]

[Frankie+Lauren @ Duo Creative Media]

Let's cut this 'sssshmadvertising' bull and remember what we, as agencies / groups / collectives / consultancies are here for. We are here for our clients' needs, not our own egos.