Pico - Re-Defining Granny Pants


Organic cotton, expertly designed and ethically produced by The Dream Duo, Phoebe and Isobel.

These girls have spent 3 years working to produce ethical essentials with a transparent supply chain from India to the UK. Wolfpie had the honour of consulting them on brand positioning and communications.

How can you encourage people to consume underwear like we consume food? 

Maybe that came out wrong. But when you think about it we agonise over where our food comes from. Is it organic, fairtrade? Of course we do, we eat it every day! But why don't we give much consideration to our every-day undies? Most of us wear pants on a daily basis (right?), so we thought it only fair to get to know our smalls as well as they know us.

In the run up to the October launch party, Phoebe and Isobel were podcasting, Instagramming and giving regular talks at The Women's Institute in the pursuit to educate people on where our essentials come from, how they are made and what they are made of.

And we can safely say they feel glorious to wear!

Granny pants, smaller knickers and boxers available here: