Dr. Wu Skincare - Christmas Campaign 2016


The 'festive season' is a phrase used to inject that last bit-a-jolly into us as we drag ourselves to the finish line. A merry time indeed, but tell that to our ashen faces.

Dr. Wu's Skincare range can't help you with the mid-week hangovers but can hide the evidence on your face, so we ran an Advent Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook introducing the UK to the miracle worker!

The Christmas teaser content warmed up through November as we built momentum with a superstar vloggers/bloggers @LondonFashionGirl and @QueensOfHackney, along with Esquire putting our serum on their Christmas Wishlist.

By the time December 1st landed, online engagement with the brand was up and our audience poised for the gifts to come.

Every day we dangled mystery prizes on Facebook and Instagram. Whoever gave us the funniest response to our daily question got to open that calendar door...

'Twas the season to be jolly so Dr. Wu rescued those skin-woes by spreading cheer and goodwill far and wide. We were resuscitating skin all over the UK - the over-eaters, red-nosers and wine-gluggers. Questions like...

'ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS WUUUUU' - give us your best festive pun...'


'Who's suffering from Booze Face today?'


'Thumbs up if you're guilty of eating your entire Advent Calendar on day 2...'

Even more bloggers jumped on the band-wagon coyly hiding their sins behind our sheet masks.

Fun was had, gifts were given and skin revived. Now the word is spreading far and wide about Asia's Number 1 Skincare brand launching in the UK. 

Tell your face to watch this space, Wolfpie and Dr. Wu are cooking up bigger and better surprises for 2017!