Dr. Wu Skincare - New Campaign


Late last year, Wolfpie launched Dr. Wu Skincare in the UK - Asia's No.1 Skincare brand!

2017 brought in a new campaign for Dr. Wu, tripling Dr. Wu's Instagram following and reaching a 30% engagement rate!

Our aim was to communicate the incredible ingredients and product benefits whilst raising awareness of this unique brand. It may seem like a standard brief, but far from it. Using Dr. Wu's bold voice and dry sense of humour, we created a punchy feed that both educates and entertains.

So much so, even Fenwicks Bond Street asked to stock the brand.

Wolfpie is all about collaboration and craft, and what a result!

Fat round of applause to the incredible talent of the Wolfpie team... clapclapclap! Spinning out the concepts and copy is the creative team, Josh Cunningham and Bex Arthur. The social media gurus, photographic splendour and GIF-tastic content from OK COOL. Refined design and illustration from Gareth Strange at John&Jane Agency. A strategic meeting of minds from Liz Stone (OK COOL) and Lara Chapple (Wolfpie), not to mention killing the production! London Fashion Week kicked off at Tape London and rounded off with an incredibly successful brand activation for those beautiful skin-weary models. Model Village, thank you for collaborating with Dr. Wu. TEAM!

There's still more to come from the campaign and what's more... the pre-summer campaign has been briefed.

Stay tuned and check out the new site... 

Let's face it, you can pay for naturally beautiful skin these days.