Best. Book. Ever.


We got bored of Sexually Transmitted Infections being a taboo, so instead, we had some fun!

If you were a charitable cherub in 2017, Santa will have blessed you with the one and only 'Colourful Cocks & Quims'. Artists from all over the world visualised nicknames for our nether regions... Pages and pages of 'Womb Ferets' (Dave Anderson), 'Cocksicles' (Rosie Foden), 'Joysticks' (Evan Barnes) and SO many more! 

All profits from book sales went straight to FPA Sexual Health Charity and we even made calendars and festive wrapping paper.

The book has already made a real impact and so we're hatching big plans for 2018. Keep up to date and follow Colourful Cocks & Quims on Instagram. 

('Joystick' by Fizzy Milk)