It's time marketing had a re-vamp!

Wolfpie is a new-model 'advertising agency' or rather, a 'creative group'.

We create high quality advertising and communications with a more efficient and collaborative creative process, building bespoke teams around the brief from our talent network.

We don't mess around with time and money, instead, we tailor to your brand's evolving business.

We do the work without the fat.






FPA Sexual Health

Dr. Wu Skincare

Crate Brewery

Fabrix Capital

Bee Midtown

Karen Millen







'Polyphony is the interweaving flow of musical voices that are at times contradictory, yet are always harmoniously resolved. A melody found in the very construct of people.'

Last week saw the final days of Maria Kreyn's 'secret' Polyphony exhibition that took place in the old church on Charing Cross Road. Heist gallery put on a fantastical display, the eerily beautiful surroundings complimented Kreyn's rare talent; a blend of old-and-new world oil mastery that was captured by Beyond Exact's bold design and curation.

In addition to the guerrilla marketing campaign (outdoor/digital), surrounding media such as books, maps and invitations were expertly designed to celebrate the exhibition. The devil's certainly in the detail, take a look at how the VIP Launch Party invitations reflect the event itself with precision and laser-cut perspex.

Always an honour to work with the most prestigious creative talent that truly surpasses the usual advertising pool. A gifted artist must have an equally gifted creative partner, both masters of their trade. A challenging brief with a mesmerising result, you can expect nothing less from such a collaboration!

If you didn't catch the show, there will be more from Heist later in the summer.

Your Face Deserves A Membership


When you walk through a Skinsmiths clinic and speak to one of their lovely consultants, the first thing they ask you is, "What do you see when you look in the mirror?" 

That's what Skinsmiths are about, they're all about you. They don't flog you the latest skin fad, they listen to what you feel will give you more confidence. With treatments and products that really work, they can guarantee skin confidence and lasting results.

As a brand and a concept Skinsmiths is new to London, but unlike most young companies, Skinsmiths has 25 years experience starting in New Zealand (Caci). Investing in your skin shouldn't be a luxury for the rich, but a necessity for all! This is why their clinics are opening all over London offering busy city-dwellers flexible treatment plans at reasonable prices.

They're also launching new products that you can use at home, no fuss.

Skinsmiths keep things simple. Appointments that work around you, at a membership price you can afford, for skin results you want. 

Keep an eye on their Instagram for when a clinic opens near you! You'll also see some beautiful content courtesy of the uber talented James Maiki.


It's About Time


Adweek's words... but also ours.

2018 could be the year that agencies prioritise their clients' needs and not their annual blast at Cannes... right?

This is not biased, it's true. But like all truth their are shades of grey. Despite the convoluted process of most traditional agencies, some beautiful and effective work is surfacing from the exceptions... THANK YOU W+K you've done Nike and London proud! But overall ad agency process, structure, culture and leadership are out-dated and inappropriate for the evolving brands of today.

There's hope! Look at some of the collaborative individuals and collectives that are really listening, really working on behalf of their clients. At Wolfpie, we are hell-bent on getting these megastars around a brief to execute the hell out of it. Clients can now have all the talent without the hot air. 

[Silas Amos]

[Frankie+Lauren @ Duo Creative Media]

Let's cut this 'sssshmadvertising' bull and remember what we, as agencies / groups / collectives / consultancies are here for. We are here for our clients' needs, not our own egos.

Best. Book. Ever.


We got bored of Sexually Transmitted Infections being a taboo, so instead, we had some fun!

If you were a charitable cherub in 2017, Santa will have blessed you with the one and only 'Colourful Cocks & Quims'. Artists from all over the world visualised nicknames for our nether regions... Pages and pages of 'Womb Ferets' (Dave Anderson), 'Cocksicles' (Rosie Foden), 'Joysticks' (Evan Barnes) and SO many more! 

All profits from book sales went straight to FPA Sexual Health Charity and we even made calendars and festive wrapping paper.

The book has already made a real impact and so we're hatching big plans for 2018. Keep up to date and follow Colourful Cocks & Quims on Instagram. 

('Joystick' by Fizzy Milk)

Is Disruption The New Normal?


Thank you Namrata Nayyar-Kamdar - let's make some magic!

- - - 

I had a wake-up moment this past week. In my daily, never ending search to deliver beautiful, engaging creative and design, whether that’s for services, products, or platforms, I find I have stopped talking to larger organisations. Somewhere, the scale tipped from company X (as in large, corporation type set up) to just- yeah, people or personalities….

Look all around you. Your favourite brands are fast being replaced by beautiful indies or perhaps even personality led platforms- and maybe you, like me- consider options that have been personally recommended or prefer to shop from collections that have already been edited. Why is it that I no longer prefer my coffee at Starbucks but poured by a Barista at the newest indie popup? The thought that crosses my mind every time I walk through Fulham tube station and say no to the uniform experience Starbucks for Pitch- whose formula is simple: coffee sourced with better quality ingredients leads to better tasting results. Maybe its for the same reason why I’d rather watch Pop Trigger’s Sam Sascher report on Matt Lauer rather than say ABC news? Hmmm- think about that one. And the last time I shopped in the dreaded swim/lingerie department? erm…I seemed to have blocked it out, must have been distracted by that fun overhead flouro lighting. At the risk of oversharing, I do distinctly remember however buying that Morgan Lane swimsuit or pack of Cheekfrills -both cutesy pie startup ish brands that have come my way courtesy of that never ending carousel of visual delights that is Instagram.

So why should buying good creative or content be any different? & Why are personalities so important? Personalities bring an edge that a larger entity or a corporation never can effectively fill. If you are smaller, nimble operation, chances are your needs are going to be matched better by someone who understands that because they have been in your shoes. They aren’t generally going to take 4 weeks to resource a team or get you a cost estimate… I mean by then, it’s sometimes done already. (Or as the say in YouTube beauty language- baked? Its already “baked.”)

At some stage in their journey, all of these bright, incredibly talented people have been part of larger companies. But now, it’s well, just- them. Whether it was the usual frustrations: lack of great part time work, interesting inconsistencies in promotion policies, office politics, bureaucracy or perhaps a lack of inspiring role models- there seem to be quite a few similarities. Perhaps there just came a point where infrastructure needs could be satisfied fully by a Google assistant + Skype connection, a well edited Twitter feed and a Foldio Studio lightbox. But most of all, it was because they believed they could, but also had the tools to do it.

In a way that’s always been around. We know that Dan Wieden met David Kennedy in 1980, at the William Cain advertising agency while working on the Nike account. They took Nike with them as a client after founding Wieden & Kennedy (later changed to Wieden+Kennedy) on April 1, 1982, and remain the agency of record. We all love stories like that. And maybe that’s going to be you or someone in your team a lot sooner than you think. I am just saying- the sunk cost of going on your own has never been lower. Well, we can’t all be Dan Wieden, but Dan Wieden didn’t have Twitter, so….

So no, it isn’t just products, or in fact branded services... but all types of business services that are changing too…the tides are fast turning into tidepools and it’s never been a more exciting time to be a client. There seems like a pretty massive thing going on here. But it’s not just the change but the subtext of what that it means that is interesting – for brands, people and the future of work

Enter folks like Lara Chapple of Wolfpie Creative- the new agency – (whoops – let’s call it creative collective) avatar. From the tip of her perky blonde chignon to the bottom of her faded Converse trainers, you sense the razor-sharp planner mindset, the depth of experience and the bit of boheme. Music to our startup ish ears.

Following a bravely unconventional model of transparency- Lara is tapping into the future of where communications is headed. The Airbnb of creative agencies – driving efficiencies for clients that mean more focused output and less fat. With agencies like Wolfpie, building a flexible and high quality digital strategy or communications campaign with a lean team is easy. Need a kickass creative director? Boom. Need a hot shot event planner. On it. Need a neutral group of teens to check out your latest rad proto. Tick. Maybe you have like me, champagne tastes on a Budweiser budget. That’s OK too. Since everything is managed via an on-demand model vis a vis traditional agencies, it’s simply more efficient and cost effective. & Who doesn’t want that. Nobody.

The new normal was disruptive like ten minutes ago, tops. While you were checking your Instagram feed, it all went from a fringe movement to mainstream.

Written by Namrata Nayyar-Kamdar

The Power of Quitting


The power of quitting. It's a powerful action and feeling. Not to be under-estimated or over-estimated. Each woman you see above is a fresh founder, bravely riding the wake of indpendence. Energised, exhausted, thrilled and scared. Each giving a direct and humble perspective on being their own boss.

And all before 9am on a Tuesday!

(From right to left...)

Naomi Oluleye, the curator and hostess of this panel and many more. She recognised the shift in the PR industry so quit that world to build her own. An razor-sharp inspiration and leader, she's dragging PR out of the 'not-so-Ab-Fab' dark ages.

Vicky Simmons, creative genuis and founder of Mean Mail . She struggled to find Valentine's cards that didn't make you want to hurl, so she created these cute-and-dry gift cards. (MEGA-FAN!)


Wolfpie's founder, Lara Chapple - if you're reading this on the Wolfpie site you probably know enough about her.

Kate Hamilton and Emily Ames, killer founders of Sonder & Tell are championing the new way people and brands tell their stories. Editorial pioneers, they helped build Suitcase magazine to the icon it is now, no doubt their new venture's sense of purpose and intrigue will be another game-changer.

Different stories with the same fuel; purpose. Yes, 'disruption' is a buzzword right now, but these panelists are not challenging things for the sake of it. They're striving for a better working and living environment. Creating and communicating with confidence and flexibility. 

Thank you to Naomi and to the early bird audience. For more progressive discussions check out Naomi's upcoming events here.

Crate's Launch Campaign


London's cooling off and we can smell the Halloween! Just as well Crate Brewery have launched three new beers for the season:

Belgian Pale, Red Cask and Lemon Gose...

In the run-up to the launch event, hidden treasures cropped up around East London. If your eyes were peeled and your thumbs were ready, taking a photo of one these guys and uploading it to your Instagram landed you a big prize!

Nice work eagle-eyed beer drinkers.

Thursday night was trade night at the Brewery, an exclusive first taste of the Autumn / Winter range.

Then the three muska-beers went public on Friday night. It was the time for everyone to burst through those office doors and sample the new beers at Juju's Bar. Crate brought the Mick's Garage vibes to Shoreditch with Flamingo Pier DJs on the infamous Juju's stage. Safe to say the Eastenders drank the kegs dry!

In collaboration with Percolate and Crate's resident content creator (Mat Jones), the campaign was a success. We increased sales conversion, social media followers and online and offline engagement. The new range of beers are off to a sparkling start, so buy online or head to the brewery.

Up Close And Professional


With so few female agency founders, Kelly Molson (award winning founder of Rubber Cheese) is on a mission to find out why and how to remedy this. In her interview with Lara Chapple, Lara outlines that one of the biggest hurdles for women in business can be... women.


Tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your background/career path?

I was the art geek at school, and proud of it! But in the end, I studied English Lit at university. After interning at Saatchi & Saatchi I worked as an Account (Wo)Man at Wieden+Kennedy and AMV BBDO.

Account management whipped me into shape but the art geek never died, so I became a Business Developer at a small creative collective called Pocko, managing artists in the commercial field. After winning a significant client I spotted an opportunity to re-structure the agency business model entirely.

I set up Wolfpie about a year ago and have since purchased a new sketchbook.


Tell me about your agency. What is it you do and what prompted you to start up your own?

I call my agency a ‘group’ because it is not structured like an agency, it’s flexible. I don’t like the client vs. agency thing, sharing an agenda is key!

Wolfpie teams are assembled around the client’s business challenge and they’re made up of freelancers and bespoke agencies used at appropriate touch points. It’s more cost and time efficient no white-labelling. The process is fair and transparent.

I’m a re-purposed middle-man. My role is to consult and unearth the client’s business challenge, work with them on a brief, assemble the right team and manage the entire process from start to finish as the consistent point of contact for everyone.

I started up afresh because in my experience, input rarely equaled output. Having worked in some excellent agencies, I struggled with why there were so many people in meeting rooms, why everyone was ‘sooooooo manic-busy’, why every task took forever. Too many cooks. Smart, dynamic people regularly cracked and our clients were rarely happy.

With that in mind I’d say the key moments that prompted me to start on my own were:

  1. A team of 15+ spending weeks agonising over a ‘headline’ for a print ad. It wound up looking like the Magna Carta and made no sense.
  2. Accepted behaviors such as unwarranted belittlement, aggression and sexual harassment.
  3. The reluctance for agencies to accept that TV, radio, print and banners aren’t the answer to most briefs.


What do you think the are most important issues for developing your company culture?

I’m focused on building an open, efficient and exciting culture.

Initially I thought working with freelance teams would be a cultural challenge, simply because not everyone is consistently in the studio. Then I thought, why should they be?

Everyone I work with is a talented, determined and capable adult. No need for me to play teacher. I also want to spend some of my time working from my clients’ offices, makes the world of difference!

I’ve learnt that people are happier and more productive if you trust them to deliver work on time and only have a face-to-face when absolutely necessary. That goes for clients too.


What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a women in business?

To be totally honest, I have been unlucky and therefore can’t speak for every woman. Yet it’s a challenge I know many women are afraid to talk about, I was.

One of the biggest challenges I faced as a (younger) woman in business were other women in business. My experiences with female bosses were generally negative, manipulative and sly rather than positive, generous and supportive.

Yes, I have had problems with men but I have always been better at sticking up for myself in that respect. Problems with women I found harder.

Human ruthlessness is no secret and in a competitive context, jealousies can flare. It’s a complicated issue but I believe this ‘Mean Girl’ behaviour comes down to women not feeling as comfortable in the workplace as men yet, so we can see each other as a threat. It’s not that we are inherently nasty or insecure, it’s just that men have had longer to occupy and navigate the working environment.

Thankfully, I now sense an exciting shift! Since owning my own business I’ve met the most inspiring and generous female professionals and entrepreneurs. I now have a growing sisterhood that I owe so much to! We respect each other regardless of age and job title, so it’s a relief to know that younger women starting work should have a more positive experience.

Equality concerns all of us after all.


The Wow Company’s recent survey of 471 agency owners across the UK has the figures as Female 27% – Male 73%. Can you share your thoughts on this?

I don’t doubt it, but I know this ratio will balance out soon. Men and women have a responsibility to create a harmonious working environment for the best talent to thrive. In turn, this should level out the playing field.


Do you have a mentor, or are you a member of an agency owner community?

No mentor yet, though I am part of the Women Who community and am thinking about joining The Agency Collective. I respect that TAC are aware of the gender imbalance within their community and are doing a lot to encourage more women to join. When you consider the female agency owner stats, you can understand why this is the case.


Do you feel as a female agency founder, they offer the level of support you need? Do you need additional support that isn’t currently available?

To be frank, I haven’t been in the game long enough to reap the support rewards, though my experiences to date have been great! I only know a few other female agency owners and it’s a real privilege how supportive this is. The more we can all connect, the better!


What other female founders inspire you?

Otegha is the founder of Women Who. She’s ex-agency and not only a founder but a brilliant published writer. What she’s doing for the female professional community is incredible! Women Who will be a driving force for empowering women to have confidence in their abilities and be good to each other.


What do you think makes a great agency?



What would be your one piece of advice to future female leaders?

Gut leads, brain thinks. Always in that order or you’ll never progress.



Brewing Up A Storm


Crate Brewery is the beating heart and soul of Hackney Wick. It's built a thriving culture and community since 2012 and is going from strength to strength. Craft beer, banana pizzas, killer coffee, boat parties by day, Mick's garage by night, wash it down with some kombucha and repeat. What's not to love?

In addition Crate have exciting plans for the future, starting with an epic party at Juju's (October 6th) to launch their new range of seasonal beers, followed by a re-brand being crafted by the legendary Guy and Ella of Dapple design studio. Dapple were also responsible for the epic Jarr kombucha identity that is expertly brewed on Crate's premises. 

We're psyched to be partnering with Crate, so as summer takes a bow, we're brewing up a storm.

A brand to be reckoned with, eyes peeled folks.


Spread the Love, Not the Bugs


Sexually. Transmitted. Infections.

Bet you winced a bit, maybe crossed your legs? Fair enough, they're not to be desired. But this doesn't mean we should ignore them. Ignorance breeds stigma, and in the case of STIs, stigma breeds infection.

In recent years society has worked towards alleviating shame associated with intercourse and sexuality. Celebrating Pride, encouraging self-love and third-wave feminism has drop-kicked taboos and started our healthier relationship with sex.

Yet we're still cagey about sexual health, herein lies the problem. Last year there were 420,000 diagnoses of STIs in England and with new threads of infection emerging, now is the time to change the conversation around sexual health.

The 'Health and Wellbeing' cultural trend has done wonders in raising awareness for mental health, stronger bodies, menstrual woes, hemp smoothies and so on. But we still keep the health and wellbeing of our privates private. 

Humans have and always will share bacteria, we spread flu and STIs alike. Unpleasant but true. It appears that there's no shame in catching flu, we know this because even at the mercy of a cold we openly broadcast it. But you don't often hear people complaining about their 'nasty case of The Clap'. The reason we continue to spread STIs is because many of us are too embarassed to get checked regularly or be honest with sexual partners, past or present. 

Lecture over, on to what we hope will be the start of a solution.

We believe education and open dialogue will eventually obliterate the sexual health stigma. So we are raising money for the leading UK Sexual Health Charity, FPA. We're creating a beautiful hardback book and all profits go to charity. 'Colourful Cocks & Quims' showcases illustrated genitalia nicknames, depictions of 'Oysters' and 'Womb Ferets' are just the tip of the iceberg. There will also be historical facts about some of these artworks, 'The Prince Albert' for one. Plus there will be truths and tips on staying healthy down-under. 

The initiative has just gone live on Crowdfunder, so if you want this book and extra-merch like 'vagina' wrapping paper or an expressive calendar, don't be shy...

PLEDGE - http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/colourful-cocks-and-quims 

Spread the love, not the bugs!

BEE – Busy Connecting London’s Midtown


We are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with the prestigious Ampersand &Co on some ground-breaking initiatives!

As a city, London is a thriving web of individual villages, each with their own personalities and purpose. The glitzy West, creative East... Our ambition for Midtown is to connect and help the community, bringing out its smart and entrepreneurial character - cutting-edge and drenched in history.

BEE Midtown is the name given to Midtown’s Business Improvement District (BID) connecting Londoners in Holborn, Farringdon, St. Giles and Bloomsbury. Tass Mavrogordato (CEO) is a truly inspiring and open-minded partner, fully committed to helping Midtown through economic, philanthropic and political initiatives. Every detail is covered; lowering emissions, business networking, urban bee hives, slicker transport, the list goes on. These ambitions are constantly evolving for the community’s benefit.

Strategy nailed, we are now developing the branding and identity to bring consistency across all platforms. Now the team are hard at work on the new advertising and communications.

With some of the most engaging briefs we've seen to date, the real magic will be making these initiatives happen!

Eyes peeled for upcoming campaigns!


Fabrix Capital - a fresh look at property investment


Fabrix Capital is a fresh take on property investment management. Fabrix develop unique buildings in East London and Berlin with their creative vision and razor-sharp knowledge. They believe in bold yet considered decisions and their assets speak for themselves.

Bold yet considered, this was the identity we wanted to communicate through their voice and aesthetic. Once the three company pillars were defined and the messaging finely tuned, things got really interesting! 

The creative prowess of Crook Design (http://www.crookdesign.co.uk/) joined forces with More and More studio (https://moreandmoreltd.com/) visually bringing to life the fabric of investment using animated materials on a slick and newly built website, courtesy of Charlie Crook (art direction) and Ben Byford (web development).

Have a gander and prepare to be MESMERISED... http://www.fabrixcap.com/ 

Dr. Wu Skincare - New Campaign


Late last year, Wolfpie launched Dr. Wu Skincare in the UK - Asia's No.1 Skincare brand!

2017 brought in a new campaign for Dr. Wu, tripling Dr. Wu's Instagram following and reaching a 30% engagement rate!

Our aim was to communicate the incredible ingredients and product benefits whilst raising awareness of this unique brand. It may seem like a standard brief, but far from it. Using Dr. Wu's bold voice and dry sense of humour, we created a punchy feed that both educates and entertains.

So much so, even Fenwicks Bond Street asked to stock the brand.

Wolfpie is all about collaboration and craft, and what a result!

Fat round of applause to the incredible talent of the Wolfpie team... clapclapclap! Spinning out the concepts and copy is the creative team, Josh Cunningham and Bex Arthur. The social media gurus, photographic splendour and GIF-tastic content from OK COOL. Refined design and illustration from Gareth Strange at John&Jane Agency. A strategic meeting of minds from Liz Stone (OK COOL) and Lara Chapple (Wolfpie), not to mention killing the production! London Fashion Week kicked off at Tape London and rounded off with an incredibly successful brand activation for those beautiful skin-weary models. Model Village, thank you for collaborating with Dr. Wu. TEAM!

There's still more to come from the campaign and what's more... the pre-summer campaign has been briefed.

Stay tuned and check out the new site... https://www.drwuskincare.co.uk/ 

Let's face it, you can pay for naturally beautiful skin these days.

Dear Brad Jakeman


Thank you for shouting... 


At the "Masters of Marketing" conference this week, the president of PepsiCo addressed the Association of National Advertising with this message. Well, not THAT message, but he talked about how advertising agencies aren't pulling their weight. To be fair, it's a hell of a weight to pull! These TV budgets are really heavy, as are 45 people needed for the pre-pre-pre-pre-production meetings. 

Yet the times they have-a-changed. 

As Brad Jakeman puts it, "this is a disruption that has happened around us, and we are still talking about 30-second television ads. We fundamentally haven't changed."

After all, Mad Men and Ab Fab may as well be costume dramas.

Hang on, did we hear him mention something about inflexible global alignment models? This has long been a frustration for marketeers and agency-folk alike, but agencies should be flexing to the evolving consumer landscape and to the needs of the client, NOT the other way around. If a brand like PepsiCo is taking a long hard look at their model, then there's no excuse for agencies.

Going back to this Elephant...

By and large, 'advertising' is dead.

So let's all stop wasting time, money and effort. Let's use our creative prowess to drop-kick brands into this beautiful hemisphere where tech facilitates, targets, monitors and measures success.

Flexibile business models and collaboration. That's how we will climb out of this rut.

Thankfully Wolfpie is a new-model.


If want a more dramatic read, this is juciest and most insightful piece to date:


Trade-In for a New Model


Like people, most brands want a long-term partner they can grow and succeed with. And like people, brands will face challenges in their agency relationships. 

This client-agency relationship by no means equates to the majesty of ‘human love’, but in business these basic rules apply. Things change. Needs of the client change. Yet agencies don’t always change according to those needs. 

At the risk of advocating subservience in modern relationships, let’s gingerly back away from the ‘human love’ analogy and more into the ‘marketing and communications’ arena.

In recent years there have been murmurings about the communications industry facing the most extreme change since TV advertising out-shone radio. Social media, online, digital = THE (not-so) NEW ERA! 

Is telly dead? 

Have we finally killed adverts? 

Will we physically start consuming our telephonic instruments like frenzied data-addicts? 

Things certainly have changed and the creative industry is coming under closer scrutiny. Marketing budgets squeezed, and rightly so.

The problem is, most ad agencies like things the way they were, they’re used to a certain process and fee. The structure is brittle and uncompromising. So in some cases, client dumps their agency for lots of younger, cooler agencies with different bells on. But after a while, juggling all these relationships is just a drag. 

Pfff… Advertising used to be fun.

Time to trade in for a new model. Introducing Wolfpie.  

We build bespoke teams around the creative brief and the budget. Instead of clients paying us to meander through endless emails, meetings, emails and meetings… we tap into the best talent, delivering time-and-cost-efficient solutions.

The Wolfpie teams are made up of those who enjoy collaborating with clients. Those who want to make the best work for brands. They don’t waste their time and they certainly don’t waste their clients’ time. Strategic and creative freelancers experienced enough in agencies to know the system is broken.

In connecting clients with the best talent and streamlining the management process, Wolfpie offer a more efficient and dynamic approach to advertising and communications.

We do the work without the fat.



Dr. Wu Skincare - Christmas Campaign 2016


The 'festive season' is a phrase used to inject that last bit-a-jolly into us as we drag ourselves to the finish line. A merry time indeed, but tell that to our ashen faces.

Dr. Wu's Skincare range can't help you with the mid-week hangovers but can hide the evidence on your face, so we ran an Advent Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook introducing the UK to the miracle worker!

The Christmas teaser content warmed up through November as we built momentum with a superstar vloggers/bloggers @LondonFashionGirl and @QueensOfHackney, along with Esquire putting our serum on their Christmas Wishlist.

By the time December 1st landed, online engagement with the brand was up and our audience poised for the gifts to come.

Every day we dangled mystery prizes on Facebook and Instagram. Whoever gave us the funniest response to our daily question got to open that calendar door...

'Twas the season to be jolly so Dr. Wu rescued those skin-woes by spreading cheer and goodwill far and wide. We were resuscitating skin all over the UK - the over-eaters, red-nosers and wine-gluggers. Questions like...

'ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS WUUUUU' - give us your best festive pun...'


'Who's suffering from Booze Face today?'


'Thumbs up if you're guilty of eating your entire Advent Calendar on day 2...'

Even more bloggers jumped on the band-wagon coyly hiding their sins behind our sheet masks.

Fun was had, gifts were given and skin revived. Now the word is spreading far and wide about Asia's Number 1 Skincare brand launching in the UK. 

Tell your face to watch this space, Wolfpie and Dr. Wu are cooking up bigger and better surprises for 2017!





Wolfpie X BeyondExact


It started with a studio crush, blossomed into a beautiful collaboration and now... we have moved in together!

BeyondExact are one of the finest design studios in London boasting an insane body of work ranging from Adidas to Lady Gaga. Founded by the impeccably dressed force that is James Ruth, these guys are all about getting under the skin of a brand, developing unique concepts and executing on-point.

Stay tuned whilst we cook up some delights...

Check out more of their work here: http://beyondexact.com/ 

Pico - Re-Defining Granny Pants


Organic cotton, expertly designed and ethically produced by The Dream Duo, Phoebe and Isobel.

These girls have spent 3 years working to produce ethical essentials with a transparent supply chain from India to the UK. Wolfpie had the honour of consulting them on brand positioning and communications.

How can you encourage people to consume underwear like we consume food? 

Maybe that came out wrong. But when you think about it we agonise over where our food comes from. Is it organic, fairtrade? Of course we do, we eat it every day! But why don't we give much consideration to our every-day undies? Most of us wear pants on a daily basis (right?), so we thought it only fair to get to know our smalls as well as they know us.

In the run up to the October launch party, Phoebe and Isobel were podcasting, Instagramming and giving regular talks at The Women's Institute in the pursuit to educate people on where our essentials come from, how they are made and what they are made of.

And we can safely say they feel glorious to wear!

Granny pants, smaller knickers and boxers available here: http://www.project-pico.com/ 

Thrace - Live Sustainable


It's surprisingly hard to find sustainable products that don't look home-made and yarny. Even if you succeed in finding stylish vegan sandals, brands like these feel few and far between.

What we need is a 'sustainable Asos'...

Introducing Thrace, the new home of sustainable living. A hub of collated design-led fashion, beauty and lifestyle products you can learn about and purchase with ease. 

Thrace and Wolfpie worked together developing the language, look and feel of the brand. Thrace is understated and unpretentious, a forum to discuss what sustainability really means to us. 

Thrace showcases the brands working towards a better - and more stylish - planet. Check it out!